25G Cannula TW (50mm) + 23G Pre-Hole Needle *AJ1850A*

//25G Cannula TW (50mm) + 23G Pre-Hole Needle *AJ1850A*

25G Cannula TW (50mm) + 23G Pre-Hole Needle *AJ1850A*


A 25G x 50mm cannula with a thin wall (TW) and 23G pre-hole needle.



AJ 1850A – BOX OF 25 (15056030402712)

Straight Dermal Cannula with Fine Thread Two Start Hub, Closed End & Single Side Port + 23g Pre-Hole Needle.

Each cannula with screw thread polycarbonate hub comes with a slightly larger sharp pre-hole needle, offering practitioners the perfect match between cannula and needle ensuring maximum accuracy with optimum patient comfort.

The Benefits of Using Single-Use Cannulas

Cannulas allow patients to be treated over larger surface areas of skin and from a single site of injection. The advantages of this result in less trauma and a more enhanced patient experience.

Reusing single-use devices can create serious infections such as risk of:

  • Cross-contamination and infection arising from a cannula which has not been designed to be cleaned.
  • Endotoxin reactions from excess bacterial breakdown which is not removal by cleaning.
  • Patient injury caused by dematerialisation of the cannula, due to sharp edges that have become dulled or fine tubes that become blocked.
  • Chemical burns due to a reaction of chemicals with the device during reprocessing.

About Sterimedix

Sterimedix, the manufacturers of Silkann, strive to improve their products by supplying innovative single use aesthetic instruments presented in user-friendly packaging. Sterimedix products are packed as single sterile blisters in space saving boxes designed for minimal waste.

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